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Connect a Voice is an innovative system which helps caregivers easily collect required service compliance, key service delivery information, and back office processes like time records and billing.  Connect a Voice is parent inspired.  Designed by the father of an individual with a developmental disability, Connect a Voice focuses on quality of care.  The product is designed for DSPs.  We know the challenging job DSPs perform and have made Connect a Voice easy to use.  So DSPs can focus on care – not paperwork.  Finally, Connect a Voice collaborates with care provides to make sure the product is efficient and saves them money.  Because you can’t provide excellent care without a sound business.

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Tom Shovelton was inspired to create Connect a Voice based on his experience as the parent of an autistic child.  He is highly engaged in his child’s care, and has experienced both the successes and limitations of today’s developmental disability care environment.  Like many parent’s Tom is interested in assisting his child in developing to their full potential.  Having worked through the ‘system’ for many years he sees the progress that is being made, but is passionate about providing tools to improve the quality of care and help individuals with developmental disabilities succeed.

Prior to starting Connect a Voice, Tom worked as an information technology leader with various companies such as IBM, HP, Cognizant and Price Waterhouse Coopers.  Tom’s professional expertise is in information management, business intelligence and analytics.  Tom has helped some of the world’s largest companies solve complex business problems using data.  Tom is a graduate of Auburn University and the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

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