For Staff

How do I use Connect a Voice?
Connect a Voice is used to collect information in the DD care space such as timesheets, service documentation, medication administration, behavior plan documentation, money tracking, incident reports, and much more!

Please see our in-depth instruction guide for more information on how to use the Connect a Voice app.

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How do I reset my password?
You can reset your password by going to the forgot password page, entering your email, and clicking the “Send Me Reset Password Instructions” button.

You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

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How do I download the Connect a Voice App?
Downloading the Connect a Voice app is easy. You can download it just like any other iOS or Android app by visiting the App Store to download for iOS or the Google Play Store to download for Android.

Please note that an admin will need to make you a user in the system in order for you to log in. They will also need to assign you to a consumer in order for you to start a shift.

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Why aren't my consumers showing up when I log in?
After you log in, you should see a list of locations you are assigned to.

If you do not see a list of locations, you may need your administrator to either assign you to your consumers or add the correct location to the consumer.

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Can I use my own, personal phone to use Connect a Voice?
Yes, we allow for all our users to download the app on their personal devices. While some of our clients have agency-owned house phones, others require their staff to use their personal smart-phone device.

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For Admins

How can I use Connect a Voice for my agency?
If your agency is not already set up to use Connect a Voice, please contact us to learn how you can become a Connect a Voice agency.

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How do I create a new Staff member?
You can create a new Staff member in Connect a Voice by logging into the Admin Portal and going to the Staff Members on the left and clicking “+ Add New

Enter their First Name, Last Name, Email, and Employee Number and clicking “Save”.

As soon as you hit Save, they will receive an email with instructions on creating a password and will be able to log into the Connect a Voice mobile app.

Don’t forget to assign them to their proper consumers in order for them to begin working!

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How do I create a new Team Leader?
To create a new Admin, you’ll need to first create the user as a Staff.

Once they are created as a staff member, go to the Team Leader section and click + Add New. Find that user on the drop-down and hit Save.

You now have a new Team Leader!

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