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Native Mobile EVV Apps vs The Rest

Native Mobile EVV Alternate Solutions vs The Rest As the Ohio EVV deadline approaches and you search for Alternate EVV vendors, we wanted to give you some advice on what to look for in the technology solutions they offer. Technology solutions...

EVV Phase II Ohio: You Gotta Own It

The only control that a provider agency can have, to validate EVV service claims and get paid timely, is to use an alternative provider.

Digital Wish List for Operators Answered

Like many CEO's, COO's and Executive Directors, I understood the challenge of working in a highly regulated environment, providing services in a scattered site, or de-centralized, approach and relying heavily on dual entry (at best) and paper based systems.  Having...

Whale Shark Coming this Summer!

Whale Shark Coming this Summer! At Connect a Voice we like sharks. In fact, we give our software release updates shark names. Our next release is a ‘Whale’ of a release – as in Whale Shark. Why the interest in sharks? Well, sharks are one of my...

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