Native Mobile EVV Alternate Solutions vs The Rest

As the Ohio EVV deadline approaches and you search for Alternate EVV vendors, we wanted to give you some advice on what to look for in the technology solutions they offer.

Technology solutions come in all different forms. Each have their pros and cons depending on what you are using them for.

In this article we will talk about the different types of technology platforms various Alternate EVV vendors are providing and which one is right for you.

3 Types of Mobile Platforms

There are 3 main types of mobile EVV platforms out in the marketplace. These platforms are:

  • Native Mobile Apps – these are the traditional “apps” you are used to seeing that you can download to your phone from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Web Apps – these are applications that you access through your phone’s browser via a web page. To access you will need to open Safari or Google Chrome and go to a URL like
  • Hybrid Apps – these are mixture of the above two. You may be able to download them from the App Store, but they are really just a Web App disguised as a Mobile App

We want to discuss the pros and cons of each of these platforms and how they will help or hurt your implementation of EVV across your agency.

Easy to openAn app that is easy to get to is very important during your rollout of EVV. Since a failure to log a visit could result in a denial of billing claims, it is very important you make it as easy as possible for your DSPs to open your EVV system and record their visit. Find a solution that DSPs can open with just a simple tap of an icon.

Accurate GPS CoordinatesThis is super important for EVV because in order to verify a visit took place in the correct location, a DSP will need to have a GPS coordinate saying they were where they were supposed to be, not 1,000 feet down the road. Find a solution that gives you the most accurate GPS information.

Fast – A DSP needs to give more attention to the individual than their device. The quicker a DSP can open up the solution, log what they need to, and get back to caring, the better. As you search for an EVV solution, find one that loads and presents information quickly.

Built for a Smartphone – As your Individuals and DSPs go out in the community, they shouldn’t have to worry about bringing a computer with them, they can simply access their EVV solution easily from their smartphone. Make sure they have a system that works well and can be easily used on the device they carry with them.

Push Notifications – Since Native applications have access to features on your device, they can send push notifications to your phone. If your EVV solution wants to send you reminders on other things like Medication reminders and Services, it will need to be a Native app.

Automatic Updates – Since apps are downloaded to your phone, updates need to be downloaded as well. If you want the latest version of the app, your users will either need to set up automatic updates or simply download the update when it’s available.

Finding an EVV Solution on the Right Platform

As you search for Alternate EVV solutions, make sure to ask them what their solution is built on.

Is it a Web App, a Hybrid App, or a Native App?

This will help you determine how easily your DSPs will pick up the new system, how easy it will be to use the system and start logging visits, and if those visits will have accurate information.

Connect a Voice – The Native App EVV Solution

Connect a Voice is an EVV solution designed for DSPs. Because it’s designed for DSPs, it’s an easy-to-use Native App. Since it’s easy to use, it’s easy to implement across your agency leading to more successful EVV visits logged and more successful billing claims.

Contact us to learn if Connect a Voice is right for your agency.

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