How to Select Connect a Voice as your Alternate EVV System

Connect a Voice is one of the easiest Alternate EVV System in Ohio for DoDD Providers.

Many Ohio providers have been adopting Connect a Voice as an Alternate System to minimize the number of failed billing claims they will submit to Medicaid. After seeing other complex and difficult solutions, they wanted something their DSPs could easily adopt to ensure their billing claims won’t be denied.

As an Ohio DoDD provider, you have the ability to choose an Alternate EVV System for the new initiative.

This means that you do not have to use the State’s solution that they have been sending out to individuals’ homes.

Instead, you can choose an Alternate EVV System like Connect a Voice to better capture and review your EVV visits.

We wanted to clearly outline the steps you can take to choose Connect a Voice as your Alternate EVV System. Contact us to see how you can start using Connect a Voice for your agency.

Afterward, you can follow the steps below and take a step toward a successful EVV implementation.

  1. Contact SanData and Request Connect a Voice as your Alternate Vendor

  2. Send an email to with the following message:

    Hello, my name is [your name] and I am the primary point of contact for [provider name].

    We would like to use Connect a Voice as our Alternate EVV Vendor. Please send over testing credentials as soon as possible.

    The Medicaid ID for my agency is [medicaid ID]. You can reach me at [phone number] if you have any questions.

  3. Conduct Alternate Vendor EVV Training through SanData
  4. SanData will set you up with an account in their eTRAC Portal. Most of your communication with SanData will occur in the “Messages” tab in this portal.

    In the section titled “Alternate EVV Request – Status” you will see a section titled “Alt EVV Training”. There you will find a link to schedule a training.

  5. Forward the Testing Credentials document to Connect a Voice
  6. After training SanData will send you a document containing Testing Credentials for your EVV account.

    Please download and send this document to your contact at Connect a Voice.

  7. Forward the Testing Checklist to SanData
  8. After giving Connect a Voice your Testing Credentials, we will send you back a “Testing Checklist” spreadsheet.

    Once you receive this checklist from Connect a Voice, please forward it to SanData through their eTRAC portal.

  9. Identify a “Go-Live” date with Connect a Voice and tell SanData
  10. Once the testing checklist is sent and verified, contact Connect a Voice to establish a “go-live” date. SanData asks that we give them 3 business days to prepare.

    When the go-live date is established, reach out to SanData and notify them of the Date.

  11. Forward Production Credentials to Connect a Voice
  12. After you communicate your go-live date to SanData, they will provide you with a document containing Productions Credentials.

    Please forward this document to Connect a Voice.

  13. Go Live!
  14. Simply begin using Connect a Voice.

    SanData will verify that information is being sent over successfully. Once they do, you will be a certified Connect a Voice provider!

For a quick overview of the certification process, see Department of Medicaid’s Alt EVV Certification Process.

For more information on EVV overall, see the Ohio Department of Medicaid’s EVV Fact Sheet.

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