Happy Birthday to Connect a Voice!

The Connect a Voice team is celebrating a birthday this month – we’re ‘2’. Like many two year olds (or maybe their parents) it seems like we are a lot older than that. But it was two short years ago – September 2017 that Connect a Voice was launched. In those early days, only a couple of customers, consumers and DSPs used the system – but we knew we had something special.

We are a lot busier these days. With our recent implementation of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) it seems like most days we only talk about EVV. But we have never forgotten our original mission – to improve care to those with developmental disabilities.

Our recent usage statistics read like this – 31 customers, more than 700 consumers served, and on any given day more than 2,500 DSPs use Connect a Voice to log their time, document services, and log EVV visits.

Thinking back to September 2017, most people don’t remember the original version of Connect a Voice did not include electronic time tracking. Our focus was on care and service compliance. But in those early days – like today – we listened to our customers who told us we basically had that functionality built, and more importantly, that by adding that functionality it would improve the efficiency of a provider’s business. And our belief is that a more efficient business allows a provider more time to focus on caring for individuals.

It’s been an exciting two years, and today we are taking a few moments to celebrate. But like most of my birthday’s these days – they pass quickly and it’s time to look forward. We’re excited about the year ahead, and we’re working hard to make Connect a Voice an even better product.

If you’d like to wish Connect a Voice a Happy Birthday – click on this link and send us a Birthday message. We’d love to hear from you.


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